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A Unique Language

Many years ago, I became aware of the messages, signs, and symbols I would receive throughout the day and in my dreams. The more I was aware of these connections the more I discovered patterns and meanings that Spirit and my guides were using to communicate with me. I began writing them down in my journal, creating a list of my signs, the connections, outcomes, and what the meanings were for me. When I compared my list to those in books, (and later online with the internet.) I found that my meanings didn’t always match the common definitions. I also found that I had unique signs and symbols that nobody else had on their lists.

Signs are very personal things and the crazy part is, they often change throughout a lifetime. Some signs will be personal, and others are meant for the entire world. Some are predictions, some are premonitions, some are comforting, and some are down-right scary. Using your Personal Dictionary will help you to define and understand their meanings.


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When realized I was developing a private language that would help me understand the messages, signs, and symbols my guides and Spirit were using to communicate with me, I started my Personal Dictionary and it is time for you to start yours! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to receive your free PDF download. Once you fill out the form, look for your confirmation email (don’t forget to check your junk email folder if you don’t see it right away.) Click on the button to receive the free download.

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  1. Thank you for offering some solutions to people who experience night terrors – I know it will help so many.

    Also, I see that you use a flamingo as a symbol in your Facebook Group. I LOVE Flamingoes! They are my spirit animal. We must be kindred spirits! xoxo

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