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The Bayberry Candle Tradition

This bayberry candle comes from a friend
so on Christmas eve burn it down to the end.
For a bay
Tapered Bayberry Candles (Set of 8)berry candle burned to the socket,
will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket. –
traditional poem

It was Christmas 2001 that I received two bayberry taper candles as a gift and read the above poem tucked into the box. The candles were authentic bayberry, not scented artificially. They looked rather crude and not factory made. After reading more about the tradition, I decided to light mine on New Year’s Eve. It has become our family tradition. We sometimes put them in the candlesticks and light them for Christmas dinner or we light them on New Year’s Eve.

First made by early colonists who boiled real bayberries to get the wax, bayberry candles are considered by many to be the original scented candles in America. Because they were difficult and expensive to make, they were highly prized and reserved for special occasions. Tradition holds that when one receives a bayberry candle as a gift from a friend, then burns the candle on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve (allowing candle to burn itself out), they will receive good luck, good health, and much wealth. That translates into the popular saying that “burning a bayberry candle from tip to socket puts luck in the home and gold in the pocket.”

When the first settlers arrived on our shores, every moment was one of survival. Everything was in short supply including candles. Generally, candles were made of tallow (animal fat) which tend to smoke and give off an odor. They can turn rancid as well. It didn’t take long for the early colonists to discover that the abundant bayberry bush had berries that would give off a waxy residue when boiled. They learned to collect and save the  bayberry wax that would rise to the surface of the water and make them into taper candles. The bayberry tapers burned longer and cleaner than the tallow version. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of bayberries to make enough wax to make a single taper. These bayberry tapers were a real treasure to the colonists who saved them for special occasions. To have a bayberry candle was a luxury to be saved and relished. It became the tradition to burn your bayberry candle on Christmas or New Years eve to bring blessings of abundance in the coming year. It is not known who actually came up with the traditional bayberry candle poem. But the tradition continues to this day.

Depending on where you buy them, bayberry candles may look rustic in appearance. Bayberry wax is incredibly difficult to work with which is why you may not find them in very larger sizes. Authentic bayberry candles will be more expensive then bayberry “scented” candles.

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Dealing with Night Terrors

Night Terrors

I suffer terribly from insomnia, so I relish a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, I also suffer from night terrors. I quickly fall asleep, only to jolt awake to screaming and indescribable fear.  Usually, one of my family members is comforting me, and it usually takes me a few moments for me to realize that I am the one screaming.

Night terrors differ from nightmares. Nightmares occur during the REM (or deep) phase that a person cycles into after hours of falling asleep. Night terrors usually occur within one to two hours of falling asleep when a person is in a non-REM cycle. This is also a time when the spiritually gifted, especially those that are psychic and empathic, can easily pick-up global and collective conscience emotions, messages, and premonitions. As the name implies, these messages and premonitions are usually terrifying, negative, and very intense.




Common Symptoms of Night Terrors:

  • Screaming, moaning, crying, and talking
  • Kicking, pedaling, and thrashing
  • Extreme and intense fear or terror (may not be able to pinpoint the origin of the fear)
  • Rapid breathing or gasping for breath
  • Quickened heart beat
  • Jolting awake (yet still groggy) from sleep

While in the throes of a night terror, a person may be partially awake, or they may be very much asleep.  Their screaming, moaning, or gasping for air is because they are experiencing an intense and frightening dream.  Sometimes, the actual cause for the fear isn’t easily explained or even seen in the dream. It may just be a sense of evil or something bad is coming. There are also reports of people having kinetic energy experiences during their night terrors, like their blankets levitating above them or radios turning themselves on. A person may receive a specific message or emotional feeling that is easy to decipher, but usually it will be an evasive premonition that comes through.

Possible Causes of Night Terrors

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Medications
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome

Underlying medical or mental health conditions and sleep disorders should always be addressed and treated by a medical professional.

Dealing with Night Terrors

Suggested Essential Oils
  • Lavender
  • Roman chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • Mandarin
  • Rose
Suggested Crystals
  • Amethyst
  • Angelite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Clear Quartz
  • Hematite
  • Jade
  • Labradorite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Green Jasper


Dealing with Negative Messages, Emotions, and Premonitions

Messages received through night terrors can be very vague and confusing. Try to record it in your “Personal Dictionary” as soon as possible, with as much detail as you can remember. Just the act of journaling about the episode should help relieve some of the anxiety and negative feelings. Stay aware, and as soon as the event that matches the premonition happens, go back and record it, too.

Global premonitions and the empathic collective conscience carry heavy negativity with them and can be very upsetting. Try to remind yourself that even though it feels like these gifts are a curse, they are a blessing. When you receive a premonition, take the opportunity to brace yourself and be ready to comfort and help others.

If you experience ongoing fear, anxiety, or have difficulty overcoming the emotions of the night terror, talk with trusted family and friends, or seek the advice of an experienced spiritual advisor. Getting insight and a fresh perspective can help put things back in balance.

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Your Personal Dictionary

Start your “Personal Dictionary”

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A Unique Language

Many years ago, I became aware of the messages, signs, and symbols I would receive throughout the day and in my dreams. The more I was aware of these connections the more I discovered patterns and meanings that Spirit and my guides were using to communicate with me. I began writing them down in my journal, creating a list of my signs, the connections, outcomes, and what the meanings were for me. When I compared my list to those in books, (and later online with the internet.) I found that my meanings didn’t always match the common definitions. I also found that I had unique signs and symbols that nobody else had on their lists.

Signs are very personal things and the crazy part is, they often change throughout a lifetime. Some signs will be personal, and others are meant for the entire world. Some are predictions, some are premonitions, some are comforting, and some are down-right scary. Using your Personal Dictionary will help you to define and understand their meanings.


How to Subscribe

When realized I was developing a private language that would help me understand the messages, signs, and symbols my guides and Spirit were using to communicate with me, I started my Personal Dictionary and it is time for you to start yours! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to receive your free PDF download. Once you fill out the form, look for your confirmation email (don’t forget to check your junk email folder if you don’t see it right away.) Click on the button to receive the free download.

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Personal Energy and Poltergeist

Personal Energy and Poltergeist

People contact me regularly that are plagued with what they feel is spiritual activity in their homes. They are experiencing noises and movement of inanimate objects. They complain of bad smells and uncomfortable feelings in certain rooms. They often describe what they are experiencing as negative energy. I explain the steps of smudging and sealing with salt. I am not surprised, when a few days to a week later the person contacts me again, worried that the cleansing worked for a few days and then the activity came back. They are worried that they didn’t do the cleansing correctly. Rarely is that the case. What often is happening is the person’s energy is manifesting and attracting negative energy. When there is more than one person in the home with this ability, the energy can collect even quicker and stronger. If left unchecked, this energy can eventually result in a poltergeist manifestation.

What is a poltergeist? 

From the Miriam-Webster website:

One of the tricks a poltergeist is known for is making “knocking” noises, so it will come as no surprise to learn that the word poltergeist translates literally from German as knocking spirit. The German verb poltern means “to knock, and “Geist” is the German word for “spirit.” Another “Geist” descendant in English is “zeitgeist” (“the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era”). The English word ghost is also related; it descends from the same ancient root that led to “Geist.” Although “ghost” has been used in English since before the 12th century, “poltergeist” is a relative newcomer, first appearing as an English word in the middle of the 19th century.

The Insects and Mice of the Spiritual World

Instinctively, we look for negative elements to hide in dark and dusty corners. Isn’t that why even the very young know to always look for monsters under the bed? A home cleansing in essence, is just like spring cleaning. Working hard, we remove the clutter, dust, polish, and let the light shine in. If we immediately walk across the freshly mopped floor in muddy boots, spill chocolate milk on the steamed carpet, leave food out, neglect crumbs on the counters, and start a hoarding collection of cardboard boxes, the spring cleaning was pretty much a waste of time. Very soon insects and mice will discover that our home is the perfect environment for them. In the physical world, the bugs and mice are very much like poltergeist in the spiritual world. Just as you keep your environment clean to avoid infestation, you must keep your personal energy positive so as not to attractive negative energy.

Certain ages seem to have more poltergeist activity then other ages. Very young children between the ages of 3 to 5 can be very active. It goes together with nightmares and speaking with angels. There is also more activity with adolescence females, often including psychokinesis activity.  As adults, activity can increase when going through highly stressful situations.

Many times, people will move homes, only to find that their new location has the same problem they just tried to escape. This is because it isn’t a haunting of a location or possession. The activity is an attraction to yours or a family member’s personal energy. It is like a moth to a flame. Although it may feel like it is impossible to get your home under control, and not attract these bugs of the spiritual worlds, it can be done!

Let Positive Energy Flow

So, how do we cleanse internally? Daily rituals of affirmations, prayer, meditation, and grounding are paramount to success. Consider your mind-set and practice living with intention and balance. Keep stress levels under control with exercise and a healthy diet. Make sure your environment promotes positive energy to flow. You may need to cleanse your home weekly or monthly as you establish a fresh energy level. Research spiritual teachings and practices that interest you. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid the negative. Limit the amount of negativity you let into your life online and through TV and other media. Seek help through counseling, life-coaches, and energy healers. Find and cultivate relationships with supportive and nurturing individuals and groups.  With intention and work you will attract positive energy in abundance!

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Manifesting: Get Ready!

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is believing and trusting that your deepest desire, need, or want is fulfilled. Unfortunately, so many people forget that we are constantly in need of learning life lessons, and one of the big ones is to not be controlling.  So many times, when I perform sessions with my clients they will ask me what they did wrong?  They had manifested and nothing had happened.  I ask them to tell me exactly how and what their process for manifesting entailed.  They will tell me, in detail, of how and when lost loves should have returned, they will describe where it happens, what each person is wearing, time of day, and the exact words that should have been said. It is always interesting that in these scenarios most people will have an opportunity first to give an elaborate monologue to their heart crusher, while the awful offender stands frozen, attentive, needing to know exactly the pain and hurt they caused in the other’s life.  After this lengthy inventory of love crimes is read, the offender will apologize profusely and declare their undying love for eternity.  Of course, they reunite and marry, and live happily ever after with two perfect children and truck loads of money.  As their amazingly detailed manifesting ends, I must bite my tongue to keep from asking them if they were manifesting or writing a script with themselves cast as the starring role?

What Isn’t Manifesting?

Manifesting isn’t placing an order.  There isn’t a drive through window where you demand your life come without frustration and hold the broken-heart.  Manifesting isn’t telling the Universe when you want something and then standing there with your hand held out, palm up, waiting for it to be dropped into your hand in a tidy little package exactly when you wanted it.

If you think of the cliché: If you can dream it, you can do it.  Notice that it doesn’t say: If you can dream it, it’s just going to fall into your lap exactly how you want it.

Get Ready for Some Hard Work!

There is a lot of activity that must go on when manifesting.  The hard work of learning and improving by trying and failing.  If we go through life lessons and don’t learn them, we are destined to repeat patterns until we do. Manifesting doesn’t take the place of this hard work.  It’s not a cheat code for getting want you want while staying in bed all day and never changing out of your pajamas.

For me manifesting is the concept, the dream itself, the desire, and the need. It’s the driving force that pushes you to not give up when things get hard. To take the hard classes and push yourself to learn.  To look at the person next to you and understand that you must approach them with compassion and love, no matter what.

Manifesting is saying, “I want that, I am willing to improve myself, learn life lessons and work hard to get it, and when the Universe knows it is the right time, and that I am ready, I will be ready for it.”

Manifesting is a great motivator, but it isn’t for me to go into the details and tell the Universe how to do it!  Trust it’s in good hands, and no one really has the place to correct or give instructions.  It’s out of your control at that point. You send it out, you do your work, you learn your life lessons, you improve, and you make plans and dream. And when it’s the right time, it happens! That is the only control we have over all of this!  So, manifest, dream, put it out there, reach high, work hard, and get ready!